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Do you want to transport your vintage car without adding miles? Have a car show you need to get to but don’t want to chance to damage your ride? Maybe you have a custom car or motorcycle that you want to be transported with care? Whatever the case may be, Fairfax Towing Service is here to offer a range of specialized towing packages to meet your needs. We love what we do and are confident that you will love our service.

Here at Fairfax Towing Services, we have several comprehensive packages for owners who need to transport their specialty vehicle. You can rest easy knowing that we provide safe and on time transportation to your desired location and we can guarantee that your vehicle will arrive in the same condition as when you entrusted it to our care.

Our Specialty Fleet & Drivers

Our extensive fleet allows us to easily accommodate just about any type of specialty vehicle that requires transport. We are able to move your specialty vehicle from your home to another city, to a garage, or even to and from an exhibition if that’s your desire. Your property will be transported safely and with the utmost care by tow professionals that love cars just as much as you do.

The drivers at Fairfax Towing Service are both professional and polite. Each of our drivers is licensed, bonded and insured. Certifications aside, each of our drivers also boasts years of experience with towing a wide assortment of specialty vehicles. Our teams of drivers are committed to providing superior specialty car towing in the Fairfax metro area.

Variety is essential when it comes to specialty towing. Our fleet features flatbeds, zero-gravity flatbeds, racks, traditional tow trucks and more.  Each of our trucks comes loaded with all the tools needed to ensure your vehicle is loaded and unloaded without suffering any damage. Although our staff is highly trained, we do understand that accidents can happen. Since our company is fully insured, you don’t have to worry about bearing any additional cost in the event of circumstances beyond your control.

What We Transport

Towing regular cars are the main part of our business, but we are able to transport much more than that. Our highly trained drivers are trained to transport specialty vehicles, such as race cars, show cars, project cars, antique cars, and so many others. We even haul commercial vehicles, rigs, and machinery.

We are transportation experts, but we also are vehicle enthusiast with a passion for fine vehicles. When you need efficient specialty towing services at an affordable rate, Fairfax Towing Services is just a phone call away at (703) 721-7548. With our towing services, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your peace of mind while we handle the logistics of getting your precious cargo to your destination.  We will work with you according to your needs and your schedule, so give us a call to find out more today!

Need Immediate Roadside Assistance In Fairfax, Virginia?