Fairfax Long Distance Towing

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Need Immediate Roadside Assistance In Fairfax, Virginia?

In the field of long distance towing, Fairfax Towing Service is an industry leader. We offer a diverse selection of towing options for all manner of vehicles and we also have years of experience in the field of long distance towing. 

Moving your personal vehicle or commercial vehicle shouldn’t give you a headache or break the bank. Long distance towing across the city or the county by Fairfax Towing Service is not only safe, but it’s also affordable. You are able to depend on our reliable service to get your vehicle where it needs to be 365 days a year.

Do you need to get your car or truck from one city to another? Maybe you have a car show on the other side of the county? Whatever your wishes, Fairfax Towing Service is adequately equipped to handle all of your long-distance towing needs. We are proud to offer an extensive fleet of tow trucks and a large driving pool of licensed, competent and knowledgeable tow truck agents. Our tow service has practically everything you may need to complete your long-distance tow job completed safely and efficiently. Our towing specialist all have decades of experience and training in the towing field on everything from custom motorcycles to commercial trucks. We are dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients and we guarantee that your vehicles reach your chosen destination in the same condition as when we picked it up.

Fairfax Towing Service offers long distance towing everywhere within Virginia and we even ship door to door for the convenience of our customers.  We transport at high volumes which allows us to offer the best rates possible in the metro area. Lose the stress, tow your vehicle long distance safely and securely with us. If you want to plan ahead, feel free to call our office at (703)-721-7548 for a no-obligation price quote.

Long Distance Towing Rates

The rates we offer to our Fairfax customers are among the most competitive in the area. Our top of the class service is back up by scores of reviews given by real customers who are satisfied with the services they received. The rates we offer for our long-distance towing included everything, so you never have to worry about hidden charges or underhanded tricks. We are happy to give you a quote in advance of your trip so you can budget accordingly.

Our rates are calculated according to the distance, and your vehicle will be well cared for since you are hiring a trustworthy company that is licensed, bonded and insured.  We check our rates against our competitors on a regular basis so we are always sure that you are getting the best value for your money.

Service with A Smile

We are dedicated to serving our customers with a smile and ensuring that they are completely satisfied at the end of every job. We offer long distance towing services for both personal and commercial clients, and we guarantee the job will be completed professionally and efficiently. Fairfax Towing Service will do more than meet your expectations, we will surpass them. Give us a call at (703)-721-7548 today to get an estimate on your long-distance towing project!

Need Immediate Roadside Assistance In Fairfax, Virginia?