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Clean-Up & Accident Towing from Fairfax Towing Service

Getting in an accident is never fun. In fact, along with it being a highly stressful event, it can also get pretty costly rather quickly. Here at Fairfax Towing Services, we are able to offer you full-service accident towing at a price that you can afford.  

We specialize in accident clean up, recovery and towing. We can also guarantee that our prices are far below what other local companies charge. Our extensive fleet of tow vehicles gives us the flexibility to dispatch our tow professionals to your location within an hour of your call. Each of our tow trucks and tow trailers will arrive on the scene fully equipped with everything needed to manage towing for any size accident and any size vehicle.

If you are tired of paying through the nose in your time of need, give Fairfax Towing Services a call at (703) 721-7548 for immediate assistance. We will clear the accident site of dangerous car parts, sharp metal, and other debris, as well as transport your vehicle to your dealer or any other specified location.

Our Experience

Our towing staff are nationally certified, well-trained and have years of experience in dealing with accident towing and recovery. We have dealt with just about every car accident situation possible, which gives us the ability to handle your accident and recovery call with professionalism from start to finish. The tow professionals here at Fairfax Towing Services have been hauling cars and cleaning up accident scenes in the Fairfax area for a number of years. You can rest assured that when we show up, everything will be managed in an efficient and thorough manner.

Dedicated Customer Service

If you find yourself involved in a fender bender or even in a major collision, we fully understand if you are hesitant to get back on the road even if your car is serviceable. We support your choice of staying safe and we will work with you to ensure your vehicle is transported to your preferred location and that you get to your destination safely.

We are also happy to work with your insurance provider to get your claims filed so you can get back on the road. Filing claims with your insurance company for towing services can be more stress than you can deal with after an accident, and we make sure to take care of the paperwork so you don’t have to. 

We Are Here When You Need Us

When you find yourself a party to an accident and the police are on the scene, always remember that you have a right to choose your own tow company. Our city’s fine officers are most concerned with removing debris and vehicles from the road to ensure the safety of other drivers, not the cost involved with the actual work. Make sure to have them give us a call for affordable accident towing and recovery.  We will arrive on the scene in as little as an hour and start the cleanup and removal process right away. Fairfax Towing Services will transport your car to you where it needs to go so you can focus on more important issues.

Give Fairfax Towing Services a call today at (703) 721-7548, and see why we are the first choice for accident towing in Fairfax.

Need Immediate Roadside Assistance In Fairfax, Virginia?