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Fairfax Towing Service is Virginia’s premier towing and recovery service. We offer 24/7 roadside assistance, traditional towing, and vehicle recovery among other services. Fairfax Towing Service is always prepared to answer your call no matter what time it is, or where you are located.

Our fleet is versatile enough to complete any type of tow job you can throw at us, even motorcycle tows. Located centrally in the Virginia metro area, our coverage area stretches across Fairfax County, Virginia.

Our dedicated team of tow professionals is experienced at responding to an assorted range of road-related emergencies. You can count on us when you are in an accident, while you are having a breakdown, or even when you just get locked out of your car.

The highly qualified staff in our customer service office are here to answer your call, and our tow truck drivers are ready to quickly arrive at your location. Fairfax Towing Service will always offer your courteous service at an affordable rate.

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Our 24 Hour Fairfax Towing Services

We have an extensive fleet of towing vehicles that are on hand to carry out tow services for heavy duty, specialty, and traditional tow calls. We can handle most basic car problems on the spot such as battery jump starts, breakdowns, and lockouts. Additionally, we also offer services for commercial vehicles, motorcycles and more. Here at Fairfax Towing Services, we are prepared to respond to just about any towing or recovery situation you may find yourself in while you are on the road. Fairfax Towing Services is always dedicated to putting our customer’s needs first. We want all of our clients to know that they can call us any time they are looking for quality of service 24/7. All of our services are available to both our residential and our commercial customers.

Need Immediate Roadside Assistance In Fairfax, Virginia?

Seasonal Roadside Assistance

The conditions on the road change with the season, but our roadside assistance is available for our customers year round. Even if you are a safe driver, a simple dusting of snow can leave the roads slick and your car sliding off into a ditch. Regardless of what mother nature throws at you, we are here to help. 

Junk Car Removal Towing

If you have a disabled car or truck that is taking up space on your property, give us a call to haul it away. We will come out and remove any size car or truck regardless of its condition. If you want to donate your car to charity, we will even provide the donation receipts your records at the time of pick up.

Long Distance Towing

We have several options for clients who need to move their car, truck, motorcycle or specialty vehicle over a long distance. Why add miles to your engine when we can do the heavy lifting and drive on your behalf? We have several packages that will get your car to your destination safely without hurting your budget.

Parking Lot Enforcement

Are you tired of people parking in your lot and then disappearing for the rest of the day? Do you need to keep the file lanes around you building free of obstruction? Maybe you need to make sure that your tenants are observing the complex parking rules? Whatever your commercial needs may be, we can craft a customized solution to help. We have various property management monitoring packages to help serve our commercial clients in Virginia. 

Roadside Assistance Services

There comes a time when every car owner is faced with unexpected trouble on the road. Thankfully, Fairfax Towing Service has your back. We will come out to wherever you are under our roadside assistance program and get your vehicle back on the road. If you are stuck in the middle of the highway and run out of gas, we got you. If your car won’t start after a long day at work, we will come out and get things taken care of. With our comprehensive roadside assistance program,  you are always able to get in touch with a specialist who is happy to come out to your location and get you back on the road. 

24/7 Emergency Towing

When you face sudden car trouble and need to get off of the road, we are here to provide you with instant emergency towing. We are able to send out one of our trucks along with an experienced driver within an hour of your call. It doesn't matter where you are, be it the middle of nowhere or the middle of the highway, we are here to help. 

Motorcycle Towing Services

Here at Fairfax Towing Service, we know just how much you love your motorcycle and we want to make sure it gets to where you need it to be in a safe manner. Our company is dedicated to only providing the best in quality motorcycle towing services for all of our metro area clients. Each of our tow truck drivers stays on top of the trends in the industry, as such, we are able to offer the best-trained tow agents to provide damage-free towing for your motorcycle.

Accident Towing Recovery

The last thing you plan when you hit the road is to get in a car accident. If you happen to find yourself in this position Fairfax Towing Service is just a phone call away. We provide accident recovery services for both single and multi-car accidents no matter where they happen. Our specialist will clear the wreckage and move your car to your desired location safely so you can concentrate on other things. 

Need Immediate Roadside Assistance In Fairfax, Virginia?

Why Choose Fairfax Towing Service?

Fairfax Towing Services is the top tow company in the metro area. We always strive to provide excellent customer service and our tow truck drivers are dedicated to getting you back on the road as soon as possible.

When you find yourself in an automotive jam or stuck on the road, you can count on us! Fairfax Towing Services superior services provided at budget prices.  But low price doesn’t mean bad quality, our reviews speak for themselves.  All of the trucks in our fleet are top of the line and are fully equipped to handle the majority of common road hazards. When combined with our highly trained tow professionals, you end up with the best service in Virginia.

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If you need urgent roadside assistance or emergency towing, or simply want to learn more about our range of services, feel free to give us a call at (703) 721-7548. Our friendly and knowledgeable towing representatives are available to speak with you anytime you need us.

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